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Hello and Welcome To Our Houston Honor Flight Photo Gallery



Here you will find photos from flights when Scott Wilson who owns Houston Event Photography or Alan Montgomery who is a retired Houston studio owner and historian traveled as the official mission flight photographers with you on your trip to Washington, DC.


I want to thank each of you for your service and sacrifices. If not for your service our country would not be free today.

When viewing photos from this gallery you can download digital images for free just by selecting the photo you want and clicking on it to enlarge the photo. From there you will see a  menu on the right that allows you to download the original file. Be aware these are large full resolution images and may take some time to download depending on your internet speed. This digital file can then be printed however you would like. Again these digital files are made available to you so you can download as many as you like "No Charge" so take what you want. Share with your family too.

I have also made photo prints available to be printed from my photo lab at my cost. There is an automatic shipping cost of around $5.00 and state sales tax which is charged that I have no control over. So if you are ordering prints from my web site it is most cost-effective to order more than one photo.

It is my honor to be on board each flight and if you ever need me for anything please don't hesitate to call.

Here is a video on how to log in and use the web site to view and download your digital images or to order prints. It is a little long but I wanted to make sure you understand how to get your photos. You can watch the video here on my Youtube channel.

This is the gallery where all of my veteran and Honor Flight Photos are located.


Honor Flight Houston Photos


Also, Tami Stieger who lives in the Washington area has her photos available for you to view on her website. She graciously meets over 30 flights each year and photographs their Honor Flight journey. She truly loves each one of you and donates so much of her time to Honor Flight. She has some beautiful images so make sure to visit her photo site and see the images she took of you.


Tami Stieger Photography


If you would like more information about Honor Flight or how you can attend one of our mission flights, donate or volunteer please click on the Honor Flight Logo at the top of this page.

God Bless Each Of You!

Keeping History Alive by Kari Hubnik Photography

Kari is also one of Honor Flight Houstons great photographers. To see her photos click on the link.