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Houston Event Photography offers the best in school graduation photography. For over 37 years we have provided our services to public and private schools, day cares, colleges, universities, grad school, law schools, police academies, fire academies, EMS Academies, and public and private organization when they need photography services for their graduation ceremonies.
We can provide group photos, class composites, class pictures, yearbook photos, student photos, instant photo printing and much more. We can even provide hard or soft bound yearbooks or class programs. All of which can be customized to include individual or custom pages for each student.
We would love to provide you with a proposal for your next graduation event and show you exactly what we have to offer that other can’t. So please call or email us and we will gladly get you the information you need to make your next graduation a success.
Nursing School Photo COmpositeNursing School Photo COmposite