Bar Code and QR Code Search Help and Instructions
For Houston Event Photography




When searching for your photos by bar code number you must always enter the bar code number given on your event card.

Starting in May of 2014 we have updated the bar code search on our site. You should only need to enter the bar code number or QR number on your card to view all of your photos.


If you are looking for a photo prior to May 2014 and it is still available you may need to follow the instructions below.


If you are unable to locate your photos it with the number on your card  please add the additional photo identifier to the bar code number starting at _001 to the end of the bar code number on your card to make the search work properly. 

If this still yields no results try adding a higher photo identifier such as  _002, _003, _004, or _005 after the image number as the identifier. (ex: if yourt bar code number is 120001 you will type 120001_002 or 120001_003 or 12001_004.)

The reason this happens is sometimes we do not use the first image taken which would be the image number on your card plus the _001 identifier added to the end. This could happen because someone closed their eyes, was not ready for the photo when it was taken, you added more to your group so we used the another photo that was taken instead of the first image. 


Please try the above first but if this don't work try searching for the previous bar code number that came before your card because we sometimes forget to scan the next card so images get added to the number before yours.
EX: If your card number is 120001 try 120002 or 120000 making sure you also add the photo identifier _001 to the number.

Once you find a image number close to yours click on the thumbnail to enlarge the photo and then on the right side you should be able to see your photos in the thumbnails box on the right side of the screen which will show a few images before and after yours. Just click on the thumbnail and you will be able to view them.


At most events only the images that were printed out or selected by you at the event will be posted online because our computer sends them to a special folder to be uploaded during after the event. Therefore if you can't find your photos please try the method above before contacting us that you can't locate your images.


If you weren't given a bar code card or lost it you will just have to search through the entire photo gallery of pictures from your event and locate it manually as the is no way to search for photos without the bar code number. Sorry!


If you still have problems please give email or call us at [email protected] or 832-250-8897


Thanks and enjoy your photos!