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Need Santa Photos taken of your children? Don't go to the Mall Santa and wait in line for days for a cookie-cutter Santa photo. Have a great Santa Photo Experience by having us come to you for Santa Photos.

Houston Event Photography allows your business to have your employees and children photographed with an honest bearded Santa Claus.

Our Santa is a professional Santa who has worked for years with children of all ages. They know how to pose and entertain the children so the photographer can focus on getting a great expression and excitement on their faces.

Using a professional Santa, the photographer doesn't have to worry about losing the children and Santa. This speeds up the photo process and produces better photographs.

We print our Santa Photos Instantly on Location.

Photos can be printed with your company branding directly on the image. They will be proudly displayed for years by parents and grandparents, making this an excellent promotion for your business. Plus, we also have custom borders that print directly on the photos.

We Provide Our Christmas Santa Pictures Opportunities For:

·         Day Care Centers

·         Public And Private Schools

·         Private Businesses

·         Banks

·         Car Dealers

·         Churches

·         Dance Studios

·         Karate Studios

·         Gymnastic Studios

·         Corporate Events

·         Hospitals

·         Private Parties

·         Fundraisers

These are just a few places we have provided our Santa Picture Experience during the holiday season.

Are you interested in having your own Santa Experience? Then call us now.

Our dates are limited, and we always fill our schedule during the holiday season.


Examples below are of our natural beard Santa's, and some of our customers provide Santa's. Want to use your own Santa? That's OK, too.


Houston Santa Photo SamplesHouston Santa Photo Samples

Sanat Photos and Santa PicturesSanat Photos and Santa Pictures

Santa Daryl

Santa Clause PhotosSanta Clause Photos

Santa Tom

Santa Clause Photos in HoustonSanta Clause Photos in Houston

Santa Photos in HoustonSanta Photos in HoustonTrust Houston Event Photography to photograph your Santa or Holiday events. We utilize the newest high speed photo printers and have been in business for over 40 years.